Water Plants

Water Lilies

     Water lilies offer a floating mat of foliage crowned
with resplendent 
blooms that open every morning, then
close for the afternoon 
(though night-blooming water lilies
open at night and close every morning). 
Each bloom
generally lasts 3-4 days, and then is quickly replaced. 
In addition to the luminous color choices, water lilies
are often fragrant. ( $30.00 large division )

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       Arrowhead is an easy-care water plant perfect for
adding a tropical feel to water gardens. This tough perennial
bears attractive, arrow-shaped foliage and clusters of three-
petaled white flowers. The leaves grow longer and more
tapered in deeper water.  $5 and up



Blue pickerel

     This broad-leafed water plant thrives at the edges of a pond, 
and produces an abundance of lavender-blue flower spikes 
through the summer. Blue pickerel is a vigorous grower that
sends its glossy leaves as much as 3 feet above the waterline.
Makes your water garden very beautiful! 
$ 5.00 and up 
(depending on size)


Parrot’s feather

    Parrot’s feather is a versatile plant that you can grow
 (to add oxygen, give fish a place to hide, and
cut down on algae in ponds), 
 floating above the water, or
in wet soil at water’s edge. It earned its  
moniker from its
dense plumes of fine-texture foliage. The feathery 
grow at the tops of long, floating stems. $ 5.00 and up  


 Sweet flag

     Although sweet flag looks like a grass, it is in a family
by itself. 
Like grasses, though, sweet flags are grown for their
textural foliage, especially the boldly variegated types.
The plants grow best in 
moist soil and may even grow
in several inches of standing 
water, making striking
upright accents in water gardens or 
moist borders. $ 5.00 and up


Water hyacinth

      A jewel in the water garden but invasive in waterways, 

water hyacinth is a pond fish’s best friend, providing
and feeding area. Rosettes of glossy green leaves
leisurely across a pond, gradually covering the
surface and
sending down thick roots that shelter fish.
In warm weather, 
the plants send up lavender bloom
spikes that last about a day. 
It should be planted early
in the season so its spread 
outpaces algae, and thin out
old plants every year to 
reinvigorate growth. Because
it’s a tender plant, it requires
 overwintering indoors in
an aquarium to survive from year to year. 
$ 5.00 and up

Water Hyacinth

Umbrella Plant

      The Umbrella Palm, also known as Umbrella Plant and
Umbrella Papyrus, is an excellent accent plant for ponds or
Umbrella Palms provide an exciting look to any
location – home, 
office or pond. Umbrella Palms have
24 to 72 inch high stems with 
thin blades arranged like
an umbrella on the end. Plant them in nutrient 
rich soil in
2 to 5-gallon or larger containers. They prefer 1 to 6 inches 
water depth, and to be placed in sun to partial shade. $ 5.00 and up


Elephant Ears

     Elephant Ears is an attractive, evergreen succulent
shrub or small tree that can reach 2 – 5 m in height,
although usually around 1.5 – 2m in a garden situation.
It has has small, round, succulent leaves and red stems.
Small, star-shaped, pink flowers are borne en masse from
late winter to spring. Being a fairly low maintenance
plant, Elephant bush is normally quite easy to grow provided
a minimum level of care is given throughout the year.
$ 5.00 and up



 Water Irises

     Irises are among the most favored of the bog plants.  
Their foliage is attractive and is good as a backdrop or  
as an adjunct to the other plants in the bog. Their flowers  
have an obvious appeal, being among the most exotic
flowers in the hobby. They are useful as filtering agents
ponds and can be grown in any moist area.
$ 5.00 and up

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