Koi Fish Add Ambiance To Your Water Feature


koi fish jumpingFor many Americans, the time we spend de-stressing after a long day at work is sacred. Everyone has a different way to shed the pressures of a busy, noisy day, and – for many – that way involves sitting outside in our garden oasis, surrounded by things that speak to us of relaxation, including flowers and plants, trees, birds, and – quite often – beautiful water features.

As a matter of fact, nothing is more peaceful than sitting in your favorite chair listening to your backyard waterfall trickle over its rocks or watching the small ripples in your pond respond to the gentle breeze.

Just picture it!

If you’ve already added a water feature – such as a pond – to your bucolic backyard scene, you understand the joys of creating a lovely space for reading, listening to music, or just sitting still, letting the cares of the day wash over you. It might be fun, however, to go one step further and add yet another element to your pond.

Koi, an ornamental variety of the common carp, are a great addition to your pond and can add color and dimension to your backyard oasis. They are also relatively easy to maintain and inexpensive to purchase. Furthermore, they’re hearty and beautiful, a combination that will please most pond owners.

a variety of koi fishKoi were first bred for color in Japan in the 1820s, and by the turn of the next century, these beautiful specimens were catching the attention of many fish aficionados outside of Asia. By that time, a number of color patterns had been established and, today, you’ll find koi in a variety of hues including white, red, black, yellow, and blue. New varieties are still being developed.

Different from the standard goldfish, which is also from the carp family, koi are now available in about two dozen different varieties. Standard fin koi look very much like their carp relatives but are available in a variety of colors and patterns.

However, for pond owners seeking something a bit more decorative, the beautiful butterfly koi boasts long flowing fins that make them look especially elegant. Their scales are iridescent and they look beautiful under soft nighttime lighting.

Both the standard and butterfly varieties are popular among pond owners and are equally hearty and long-lasting, with proper care, through a variety of seasons.

Sanderosa Gardens is delighted to have recently added standard and butterfly koi to their list of items available for your magical backyard garden. The koi are offered in a variety of sizes so that you can choose the ones best for your pond.

So, if you’re considering adding a new dimension to your pond, take some time to learn more about these beautiful koi. Our onsite experts can advise you as to their care and help you with problems or concerns along the way as you learn to nurture your new fish.

Sanderosa Gardens offers beautiful classic and butterfly koi fish at the following prices:

We now have beautiful Standard and Butterfly Koi.

2” to 4” $10 ea.
4” to 6” $15 ea.
6” to 8” $20 ea.
8” to 10” $40 ea. 

Buy them to enhance your water feature.

Call (910) 483-9166 to make an appointment to select your koi and see one of the world’s most beautiful private gardens.

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